If you have purchased modules (Bibles, Commentary or other books) on your old device (phone or tablet) in the Online Bible app, these purchased modules will not automatically appear in the Online Bible on your new device. This can also be the case after a complete restart. This is not an error, but the way the app has been designed.

So, how to solve this?

  1. Obviously you must first install the Online Bible app from the App store on your new device. The app will be installed with a standard set, but without any additional modules.

  2. Then you should need to go to the "Info & Settings" menu, and to log in with your Online Bible account. This must be the same account with which you made your purchases on your old device.

    For more information about an Online Bible account, refer to the following article: Een Online Bijbel account

  3. If the account is correct, the app will "know" that you are entitled to certain modules, but they will not automatically become visible as they have not yet been downloaded to your new phone. This is because of the assumption that you do not always want everything on each device. So you choose what you want to install on each device. However, if you had a backup, you can also restore everything in one go (see point 5.

  4. It is also possible that your purchases have been recorded on your iTunes account, and not on the Online Bible account. While it should still be possible to download a purchase again, we recommend to synchronise your iTunes, your Online Bible account and the app. You can do this by selecting the "Restore purchases" button. Before doing this, ensure you are logged in with the correct account.

  5. Go to the "Info & Settings" menu. Towards the bottom you will see the option Backup. Click on that, and you will see the last five backups you have made on any device. If there is no list, then there are no backups (or you are not logged in with the same account). Select the backup which is most relevant (most recent, or correct device), and you will have the option "Restore Backup". That will restore bookmarks etc., but also install all titles that you had previously installed. Please note that an Android backup can also be restored in iOS and vice versa.

  6. If you had no backup, of wished to import manually, then please go to the store in the app. Every module to which you are entitles should now no longer show a price but show a button "Download". You can now install the modules one by one by clicking on the "Download" button.

    If you can't find a module in the shop, please note that you can not only scroll from bottom to top but also left and right.

  7. If you still see a price for the modules to which you are entitled then you are not (yet) logged in with your correct account, or you have not synchronised your accounts (see step 4 above).

    Sometimes it also helps to log out of the app, then close the app, open it again and log in again. (In exceptional cases it can take a few minutes for the app to be updated).