In this article we will try to answer questions around the Online Bible Account for the various platforms for which Online Bible software exists. This account can be used in the apps (Android, iOS or Mac) issued by Cross Link Services. 

When do you need an account?

There are various situations where an account is mandatory, but we advise to always create an account if you use the Online Bible software. Below you will find the specific situation per operation system.


An account is mandatory when accessing the store within the app. Therefore an account is essential for downloading all modules, whether these are free or purchased. Any purchases are recorded on this account. When you get a new phone or tablet, log in with the same account and all previous purchases should be available to download free of additional charge. 


On iPhones and iPads it is possible to purchase modules using an iTunes account, so without creating an Online Bible Account. However, as soon as you want to transfer modules between different platforms it is only possible with by using an Online Bible Account. This also applies when exchanging titles between iOS and Mac. Hence the advice to always use an Online Bible Account. It is also not possible to create backups of any highlighting or bookmarks if you only use an iTunes account.

>> Warning <<

Apple demands that all iOS apps have the possiblitiy to delete an account. Such a deletion is therefore possible, but has severe and maybe unforeseen consequences. Please see the additional text at the bottom of this article under Frequently asked questions.


For the Mac app the same applies as for iOS. See the description there.


At this point in time the Windows version of the Online Bible can be used without an account. The main advantage of an account in English is to receive the (European) newsletter of new of changed content and the use of the Online Bible Windows Content Installer. 

The top two levels of Premium User also means more content is available to download.

How to create an account?

An account can be created within the app, or on the web, in the Online Bible Dashboard:

With the apps the option Account is available in the settings menu. Below an example on an Android smartphone. 

You can create an account using your Facebook account, but we would advise using a normal email address. Currently it is not possible to change the email address in an account yourself, so please use an account you will continue using for the foreseeable future. 

When you have an account we recommend applying for the newsletter, so that you are informed of new or updated content for the Online Bible. You can apply for the newsletter here: You have to log in with your Online Bible account.

Frequently asked questions

Below the answers to the questions we receive most. If you have other issues please create a ticket with the link at the top of the screen. 

I have forgotten my password.

When logging on to the dashboard, you have the option “Forgot your login”. Click on this and fill in the required fields. You will receive a mail. Please note that the link in the mail is only valid for one hour.

I have forgotten my account.

With the option above try out the various email addresses you could have used. If this email address is not recognised by Cross Link Services you will receive that message. If it is recognised you know the correct account and can check if the data is correct. 

I cannot download a title I purchased on my new device.

For a new device the option “Restore purchases” will not automatically add titles. You should go to the store and download the title again. Please note, if you had originally purchased the module, you should just see the word Download. If a price is shown, then there is still an issue. Check that you have logged on with the same account in old and new device. It is essential to use the same account if you want to download modules again on a new device. If you own an Apple device, please also see the answer to the next question. 

How can I transfer titles I purchased without account to the Online Bible account?

As stated, this is only possible if you purchased modules on an iOS or Mac device, using your iTunes account. To be able to transfer them to other devices, please follow the following steps. 

  1. Using the device on which you originally purchased the module, ensure you are logged in to the Online Bible Account. If necessary create an account first. 
  2. In the option menu go to the store (Get free or paid content). Choose the option “Restore purchases”. This will synchronise the Apple Store, the Online Bible server and your device. 

If you want to load the same modules on a different device, add the following steps:

  1. Go to the app on your new device, and log out of the account. 
  2. Now log in again, this will ensure synchronisation between the Online Bible server and your device.
  3. You should now be able to download the title free of charge. 

Deleting an account.

On an Apple device it is always possible to delete an account. However, please note the consequences:

  • When the account has been deleted, there is no way it can be retrieved again.
  • Along with the account all purchases you have made are deleted.
  • The account is used across all platforms, so when the account is deleted in iOS, it is also no longer available on the Mac and in Android. This will automatically mean that the apps on these platforms will also loose all downloaded content, including any purchases.
  • All records of purchases on this account are deleted, and cannot be restored or retrieved in any way.

We therefore strongly advise not to delete an account, unless you intend never to use the Online Bible again on any device.