With the tool you can also install purchases made in the apps in your Windows version of the Online Bible. 

When starting the tool for the first time it might take a bit longer for the mains screen to appear. You will get a screen in which you first have to log in with your Online Bible account. More information about the account is available here: An Online Bible Account.

At this point in time the Content Installer is quite new. This does have a few consequences:

  • When you open the tool in the future there might well be an update to the tool. Where you can see this and how to update the tool is described below. Please ensure you are using version 1.6 or higher.
  • It is possible that is some unusual cases the tool does not work properly, or that this documentation is incomplete. If you should encounter these situations, at the top right of this screen (please do not try to log in!) you will see a link to Support Ticket. If you click on that and fill in the appropriate fields, we will try to help as soon as possible.  

Before using the tool, ensure the Online Bible is not open.

The first use

The program should automatically have been installed in the language of your Operating System. When you open this tool for the first time, you will see the following screen:

Please log in, using your Online Bible Account. This will take a few seconds while your data is being retrieved, after which the tool will show a main screen similar to the picture below. 

The details of this screen are as follows:

  1. Your name and email address as registered with your account are shown.
  2. Here you see your current subscriptions, so also what you are entitled to
  3. The current version is shown, but also if there is an update available for the tool. Click on the blue download icon to install the update.
  4. This section of the screen shows where the Online Bible is installed. Normally this should be retrieved correctly, but in some cases, for example where you have used unusual locations or have multiple installations, nothing will be retrieved, or wrong locations shown. In that case see the next point.
  5. By clicking on the folder icon, you can search for the file Olb.exe on your computer, select that and then the correct locations of the files should be found.

The tool is now ready to use.

Installing titles

When you open this tool you will probably see that it is synchronizing with the server to define which modules (titles) you are entitles to. Then you should see the following screen: 

In the left panel you can first select a language. Initially this will normally be the language associated with your account. This is not the language of the tool, that is set by your operating system, It is the language of the titles you want to see. Underneath the language drop-down you see the various categories. These are the same categories you see in Android, iOS or Mac apps. By selecting a category you see the various titles to which you are entitled in that category. This tool does not give you the option to purchase any titles, so nothing you have not purchased is shown.  Purchasing titles can be done in the various apps, but not in Windows. 

Click on a category to see the modules (synonym with titles) in that category. We try to avoid the word books, as that is a specific category.

Per module you now see additional information:

  1. Underneath the short description you normally see three dots. Click on that to see the full description.
  2. If the word Installed is shown, then you have already installed the latest version in your Windows version of the Online Bible. If you doubt if that is correct, please see the addtional information at the bottom of this page.
  3. When you see "Update", then you already have this title installed, but a later version is available. By clicking on this button, it will be installed. Please note that installation of modules is done one by one, so clicking each one, installing it, and then moving to the next one. Obviously you can select titles from different categories and languages without leaving the tool.
  4. When you see "Download" that title has not been installed yet, and by clicking on the download button, it will be installed. As already described for Update, you can download verious titles without leaving the tool. 

Top right you can also change the layout from the one shown above to a list of titles. 

When you have installed everything you want, close the update tool, and start the Online Bible. The program will then show the screens typical for an update after which the program will open with the titles you selected now available in your current desktop. They should also have been marked as favourites, but if you use multiple desktops, you might need to add them in other desktops as applicable.

Some special circumstances or problems

The combination of the Online Bible Windows Content Installer and the Online Bible program itself can sometimes lead to some special circumstances or problems. These are the items that have reached us so far. 

  1. Multiple user accounts on the same computer

    If you have multiple Windows user accounts on the computer, then using the Online Bible WIndows Content Installer will only show the title in the active user when the program is run. To solve this, after installing all the titles you want, log out, and log in with the other account(s). Then open the Online Bible (not the Content Installer) and choose the option Reset Program. 

    This will close the program. When you start it again, the same titles should be available as with the first user.

  2. Multiple desktops in the Online Bible

    De Online Bijbel Content Installer will only add a new title to favourites in the active desktop. It might therefore be necessary in other desktops to add the new title to the favourites. For more information of Favourites, please see the following article: Setting up the favourites

  3. Titles blocked by virus scanners (specifically Windows Defender)

    If your virus scanner has been set to check all modifications to files, the installation of new or updated titles might trigger the virus scanner. If this happens, and you cannot fix this yourself, please raise a Support Ticket (top right of this page. 

  4. After installation title is still shown as Update or Download

    There are a few exceptional cases when the button does not change to Install. As there are a number of causes, and to avoid this article getting too complicated, please just raise a Support Ticket, add relevant details, and we will try to help.

  5. Any other problems

    If you experience any problems with this tool, please raise a Support ticket - top right of this screen (please do not try to log in there).