For general information on the search function in the Online Bible please refer to the following article: Searching in the Bible.

This article applies to all Online Bible versions: Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

Strong numbers can be used in search terms in exactly the same way as English words. However, it is essential to ensure the active Bible (the one in which you are searching) is a translation which contains Strong numbers, as otherwise no results will be found. The Strong numbers do not need to be visible, but they must be contained in that Bible.

It is also possible to use combinations or words and Strong numbers. Especially in this connection some of the less frequently used Boolean operators are useful. 

Some available Boolean operators are: 

  • & = AND
  • | = OR
  • ~ = ANDNOT 

For a full list, see the list of all operators in the article Searching in the Bible 

As an example, the word malak in Hebrew (Strong number 04397) of angelos in Greek (Strong number 32) can be translated as angel or messenger, depending on whether the translator assumes the messenger is human. 

The following search term "04397 ~ angel*" (without the quote marks) therefore shows all verses where malak is not translated as angel or angels.