When you visit our support site we do not record any information about you. On the site you have the possibility to raise a support ticket (or you can raise a ticket by sending us an email). In that case we record all the information you supply us with. The minimum requirements are a name, an email address where we can reach you and a description of the issue for which you raise a ticket. Obviously we are in a better position to help with additional information such as the platform where you experience the problem (e.g. Android, Mac, Windows) and the country you live in (as the options per country differ). We also store the steps getting to a solution. 

The support site is run by a small group of volunteers. We are not part of Cross Link Services, and have no access to their account details. 

Your personal data is only used to solve the issue for which you raise a ticket. We could remove all information as soon as a ticket is solved, but keeping the information for a few years often helps solve any new issue you might have, but on request we will obviously delete your tickets and other personal data.