In the Online Bible app a number of titles are available to download.  These are visible in the store within the app. The store can be reached from either the "Info & Settings" screen, of from the list of translations. 

In the store there are a few categories: Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries and Books. Some categories do not exist in specific languages. 

For each title in the store one of the following is shown:

  • Installed - this title is already on the device
  • Free Download - this titles can be downloaded without charge
  • Download - you have purchased this module, or are entitles to its use without charge. It is not installed yet.
  • An amount - this title can be purchased at the price shown. If you have purchased this on a different device already, then there is probably something wrong with your account. See the following article: An-Online-Bible-Account

Sometimes purchased and imported titles do not appear directly (in the right place) in the overview. It then helps to close the Online Bible app completely and then restart it again. The content will then be completely up to date again.

It can also happen that the Download button does not appear after the purchase. In that case it helps to log out of the app with the Online Bible account and then log back in again with the same account. The data will then be completely refreshed.

This article describes the situation when a module is shown as installed, but you cannot access it. 

First check the category of title that you cannot see. 

Bibles are shown in the main screen, and should be shown in the list when you click on the "Active Bible". See the Quick help in the app ("Info & Settings screen) to find the Active Bible.

Dictionaries, Commentaries and Books are shown in the second screen. To get this screen click the three lines in the green line at the bottom of the screen (or slide it up).  

The following pictures are from an Android device, but an iPad or iPhone is very similar. 

It is not possible to open Bibles in the second screen. 

The icons in the second screen depend on the type of title. If the title in the second screen is a commentary, it makes sense to synchronise the two screens. The square icon should then turn blue. 

If you still cannot find downloaded titles, please raise a ticket.