This article only applies to the apps, and not to the Windows version.

If you have purchased titles in the past, on a different device, and the titles now show up in the store with a price, then there is a problem with the account. 

First check if you are logged in. Go to the "Info and Settings" screen. On an iPad/iPhone that is the i symbol, top rigt on the screen. On an Android device click the three dots (top right). On some Samsung devices there is a separate Menu button. Here the Android example:

At the bottom of the screen you will see if you are logged in. If not, that is the problem. If you are logged in, it is probably not with the account with which you made the purchase. Note for iOS you might have made a purchase with your iTunes account, and that might be the cause. 

For information about the account see the following article: An Online Bible Account 

If you were not logged on, but now did so and amounts still show, exit the app and start it again. That might solve the issue. 

If none of this helps, raise a ticket (top right of this screen) with sufficient information (such as mail address of account) and we will try to help. 

Note: for German and Dutch users who have a subscription, the situation is somewhat different.