The free Online Bijbel can be downloaded with a few Bible translations and some other titles as a Base Package. But what if you want more content? 

The following options are available. In all cases an Online Bible account is required. If you do not have one, you will be taken to the relevant screen. 

1. Purchasing in the Store

Within the app there is a store. You can get there from the Settings menu or via the list of available translations. The store is set up per language, with the language setting of your device determining the standard. There are different tabs per type of title (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Books). All titles you fin here work well with the app. Purchasing a title also gives you the right to use it on a second device (Android, iOS or Mac). 

You then see a list of material. Clicking on a title gives more information. Next to the picture there are various possibilities:

  • Installed: you already have this on your device
  • Free Download: titles which can be added. Click on the download button and it will install. 
  • Download: titles to which you are entitles - e.g. purchased earlier
  • An amount: this shows for how much the title can be purchased. Payment follows the standard in the store (Google or Apple). A different payment method is not possible. 

2. Importing from an older dvd

This is only available for Android and Mac users. In iOS (iPad/iPhone) Apple does not allow items to be installed outside the store.

The function to import files does have to be purchased.

Please note this does not work with the old US-Mac version, as the content is in a different format. It only works with the Windows dvd version. 

A link to detailed instructions:

  • Windows to Android - see the following article: Importing Online Bible titles from desktop (Android only)

    For those with an older Windows dvd version of the Online Bible it is possible to import titles from the dvd to your device. For this it is essential that you have the Online Bible version 4.34 or higher on the Windows computer. It does not work with older versions (see next paragraph).

  • Windows to Mac - the link to this article will follow soon...

It is also possible to import an older dvd into Windows, so basically upgrading the software version. That is described in detail here: Adding content from an older DVD Having done this, the export to Android and Mac should also work.