The free Online Bible can be downloaded with a few Bible translations and some other titles as a Base Package. But what if you want more content? 

The following options are available. In most cases an Online Bible account is required. If you do not have one, you will be taken to the relevant screen. However, purchases on an anonymous account are possible, but these are lost if transferring to a different device.

1. Downloading from the Store

This option is for Android, iPad/iPhone and Mac.

Within the app there is a store. You can get there from the Settings menu or via the list of available translations. The store is set up per language, with the language setting of your device determining the standard. There are different tabs per type of title (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Books). All titles you find here work well with the app. Some are free, some have to be purchasing (the royalty charges). Purchasing a title also gives you the right to use it on a second or third device (Android, iOS, Mac or Windows). 

You then see a list of material. Clicking on a title gives more information. Next to the picture there are various possibilities:

  • Installed: you already have this on your device
  • Free Download: titles which can be added. Click on the download button and it will install. 
  • Download: titles to which you are entitles - e.g. purchased earlier
  • An amount: this shows for how much the title can be purchased. Payment follows the standard in the store (Google or Apple). A different payment method is not possible. You cannot purchase items in Windows, but see point 3 for a fuller explanation.

Please note that when you purchase anything, these are recorded on your Online Bible account in de app. When you want to purchase without being logged in, that is possible, and the purchase is then on an anonymous account. But if you switch to a different device, these purchases are not transferred as they are not on your Online Bible account. You then also cannot use the title on different types of device. If you are in this situation, and still have access to the device on which the purchase was made, you can contact us to try and resolve that situation.


2. Importing from an older DVD

This is only available for Windows, Android and Mac users. In iOS (iPad/iPhone) Apple does not allow items to be installed outside the store.

For Android and Mac the function to import files does have to be purchased.

Please note this does not work with the old US-Mac version, as the content is in a different format. It only works with the Windows DVD version. 

A link to detailed instructions:

It is also possible to import an older DVD into Windows, so basically upgrading the software version. That is described in detail here: Adding content from an older DVD Having done this, the export to Android and Mac should also work. 

3. Becoming a Premium User

This option is for all devices.

There are three types of Premium User:

  • Basic Premium User - you pay a small amount per month or year, and for this you get a number of additional features in the app. There is no additional content for Basic Premium Users.
  • Standard Premium User - On top of the features for the Basic Premium Users, you get an additional Bible for an amount per year.
  • Professional Premium User - As well as everything of the Standard Premium User, you get access to a large number of additional titles, with emphasis on Hebrew and Greek. Some of these cannot be purchased as individual titles.

As Premium User you also support the Online Bible apps. With this extra funding the apps can be kept free so that a large number of people in specifically Latin America and Africa have access to a number of Bibles and some tools (lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries etc.) which they could normally not afford.

You can become a Premium User in the apps (iOS, Android and Mac), even if you are only a Windows user. In the Info and Settings screen of the apps there is a line "Premium Account. Click on this and then go to the store to get an overview of the options with the charge.

When you go to the store in the app you will see a notice about Premium Users at the top. When you click on this you will see which level of Premium User you are, and an overview of what is included in each level. If you are already a Premium User, you can only change the level on the same type of device that you became a Premium User on. If that is a different device to the one you are working on, that will also be stated.  

4. Using the Online Bible Windows Content Installer

This option is only for Windows.

With this tool it is possible to import any item registered on your Online Bible account (both individual purchases as well as titles when you are a Premium User). To purchase new modules (or to become a Premium User) you have to do this via one of the apps (see point 1 above). Items cannot be purchased in Windows. Once they have been purchased, you can use the same account in the Online Bible Windows Content Installer to install them also in Windows. Please note that the Windows version of the Online Bible must be installed before using this installer. Use of the Content Installer is free.

You will find instructions how to use the installer here: Using the Online Bible Content Installer.