This article is only applicable for the Mac app. 


If a program needs to be uninstalled, e.g. because it does not function properly or is no longer used, it can easily be dragged from the Apps to the Recycle Bin. Therefore there is no "uninstall" option as is the case with Windows.

With an uninstall in Windows not everything gets removed and application folders often remain. This is not the case on a Mac.

However, even on a Mac, some data from the uninstalled program remains on disk. This is data that is necessary for the program to function properly, such as preference settings.

In Windows, these settings are in the Registry and can be found with the Regedit utility. On a Mac, these settings can be found in the Library. On a Mac, however, there is no program like Regedit. The Library on a Mac is basically hidden, but can be opened in a simple way, as described below.

Removing the Online Bible from the Library

When the Online Bible has been dragged to the Recycle Bin and is then reinstalled from the App Store, we sometimes notice problems still occurring as it is not a clean installation. Previous items may still be present, or the Online Bible may still not work properly after reinstallation.

In that case you might want to remove the Online Bible from the Library as well.

However, a note of warning. Be careful with these actions! Make sure you are removing the right folders!

Click with the left mouse button on "Go" in the menu, while keeping the "Option" key pressed.

Now the Library is displayed.

Open the Library.

Open the folder "Application Scripts" and remove the folder "nl.cross-link.olbmac".

Then click on the "back" button ( < ) in the screen above to return to the main folder in the Library.

Open the folder "Containers" and delete the folder "Online Bible".

If you have removed the above folders, you can reinstall the Online Bible from the App Store.

You will need to log in again. Please note that when you reinstall the app only the standard package is installed. Any other items that you have downloaded from the store, you will have to download again. Obviously if you are logged in with the same account, then anything you purchased previously can be downloaded free of additional charge.