This article applies to all Online Bible apps as well as Windows. If you only use Windows, you will need to apply for the Newsletter to know if there is new or updated content. For Windows, this is only the European version. 

In addition to new titles becoming available. existing modules are also sometimes updated. This article describes how to update modules when new versions of modules appear. 

Often newsletters will announce new or updated content for the Online Bible. You do not receive newsletters automatically but have to register that you wish to receive them. You can show these preferences in your Online Bible account: An Online Bible Account.

Updates in the apps (iOS and Android)

If you have installed a title in the apps (both free and purchased content) a new version of this title might become available. The iOS and Android apps will show you that there is a newer version, but nothing is installed automatically. This is an example on an Android tablet, but the solution is similar for other apps. 

On the link to the Info & Settings screen you see a number in a green circle. That is a combination of the number of new features in the new version of the app and the number of content updates that are available. By clicking on this icon you will go to the Info & Settings screen. And there you will see a separate line for the content updates. By clicking on this line, you get an overview of the available updates. 

You can see information about the title, the change history, the date the update became available etc. By pressing the Update button, the update will be installed. 

Once updated, the resource is still shown, without the update button, until you leave this screen. 

Updates in the Mac app

At this point in time the Online Bible on the Mac does not indicate that a new version is available. That should become available in a next release of the app. If you see there is a new version, from a newsletter, or from an update in iOS, then this update will also be available for the Mac. In that case you can easily delete the title on the Mac, and install the new version.

To delete a title, go to the left pane where all titles are listed, select the apprpriate title and use the right mouse button to get the menu. Then select the option to delete that title.

Updates in Windows

In Windows, modules can be added with the Online Bible Windows Content Installer. Please note that you have to be a Premium User to use this feature. 

Please ensure that you are using version 1.6 (or higher) of the Online Bible Windows Content Installer. 

In the Online Bible itself, you will not see that a new version of a module is available. But you can see this in the Content Installer. You can also rely on newsletters if you have indicated in your account that you wish to receive these (which we do advise). 

When a title has been updated, you will see the Update button for this title. By clicking on that, the new version will be installed. This is described in more detail below, but can also be found in the article: Using the Online Bible Content Installer. Please see that article if you are not familiar with this program. 

Launch the Online Bible Windows Content Installer.

You can now search for the appropriate title in the Content Installer by choosing the applicable category. Please note that updates will not be listed in the category "new" as it is an update and not a new title. The button Update indicates that it is a new version of a module you already have. The button Download implies that you have not installed this title yet.  

Specific issues

There are a few special circumstances where the update in Windows raises questions.

To avoid maintaining lists in multiple places, please refer to the "Special circumstances" section at the bottom of this article: Using the Online Bible Content Installer