NOTE: This instruction does not work if what you have is the Mac version of the Online Bible as was available in the US and distributed on dvd. 

If you have that dvd, please see the following website:  You can also raise a ticket (top right) if you have any questions. 

To be able to import titles in the Mac app you will need to have the "Advanced Feature". This has to be purchased (unless you are a Standard or Professional Premium User). When you try to load the module you should automatically be shown the purchase option (if applicable).  

This description if for the dvd with the Windows version of the Online Bible which used to run with a Windows emulator (such as the Wine wrapper) on a Mac. 

It will only work for material that is unlocked on the dvd. If you have to enter an unlock codes for a module, then importing this way will not work. 

Insert the Online Bible DVD in a suitable drive linked to your Mac and open it by double clicking the DVD icon on the desktop:

The contents of the DVD should appear in a screen similar to the following: 

Create a directory on the hard drive of your Mac, e.g. olb: 

Open the folder “olb” on the DVD by double clicking it: 

Select the language(s) you wish to copy. Obs: “bible” is the English folder. Drag your selection(s) to the folder you made on the hard drive.
With the Online Bible app open, click the trolley icon to open the store and select “Load”.

The following screen should appear:

Choose “Select” and then the folder on the hard drive where you stored the Online Bible files from the DVD.

You may now choose the folder(s) you wish to add to the Online Bible app. Please remember to select complete folders and not individual files. Select “Open”.

The individual titles will appear in the left section of the Online Bible app under: Bible, Commentary, Lexicon, Dictionary and Book. Please note that most titles will transfer from the DVD in this way. However, some titles will not transfer if they do not meet the necessary criteria.