The Stichting Online Bible Europe aims to also provide those in developing countries with the Online Bible app in a language they understand. Currently the apps are available in seven languages, with content (Bibles, lexicons, dictionaries and commentaries) in a few more. An extensive Basic Package in these seven languages is available. Many in poorer countries do have a working knowledge of English, French or Spanish.

The Stichting Online Bible Europe specifically supports the development of free content, as many around the world cannot afford to pay much for a digital Bible or other study tools. In developing countries a mobile phone if often the only way to get content. In some languages there are almost no tools to study the Bible, not even as printed books.

However, sometimes there are high costs involved in making content available (e.g. scanning and correcting a book which is not available in digital format) or even translating a book. Once a Bible is available, it is often downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Through fundraising, we raised the funds to add 11 new translations to the apps, as well as an additional language, Italian. These are now available to everyone. However, as of 2024, we are forced to stop these activities. However, don't let this stop you from contributing to additional free content. You will find more information here: More free content for the Online Bible apps.