The Online Bible was developed as a Windows program several decades ago and now has users in a large number and countries. At the time it was first started the name Online Bible was chosen, when internet was not used as it is today. The name is therefore somewhat misleading as it is specifically intended to also use off-line. 

With the move to mobile devices it became apparent that the Online Bible would also have to be available on other devices, and in 2013 Cross Link Services developed  an app specifically for iOS (iPad/iPhone) devices. Since then the app has been enhanced considerably, and new features are added at regular intervals. 

The app can be downloaded from the Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/online-bible/id689283051?mt=8

The app installs with a number of standard translations, some commentaries, a Greek and Hebrew lexicon (to use with Strong numbers) and more. Within the app there is a store to purchase more titles. 

It is possible to purchase modules with your iTunes account, but then they are not interchangeable with other platforms. We strongly recommend creating an Online Bible account - refer the following article: An Online Bible Account   

Further information about the use of the software is available under the relevant subjects in the rest of this Knowledge Base. If you are fairly new to the app, you could read this first: Getting started in Android and iOS.

Should you miss specific functionality in the app, please let us know. We cannot guarantee that it will be added, but we track which features are favourite.

Installation issues

We are not aware of any installation issueswith the iOS app. But should you encounter any problems, please raise a ticket, top right of this screen.