Stg. Online Bible Europe sometimes get a question how to install a dvd when the netbook or laptop has no dvd drive. Also we are asked how to install the software on a usb stick rather than a hard drive.


There are various options how to do this:

  1. You can copy the entire DVD to a USB stick (minimum free space 4 GB) on a different computer, and then use the USB stick to install the program on your own laptop/netbook. Ensure you copy the dvd to the root directory of the USB stick, and not in a separate directory. Note: this installation can take some time depending on the speed of the USB stick.
  2. Connect an external DVD drive to the netbook/laptop via a USB connection. This is the preferred option. An external DVD drive can be purchased for around € 30. You can then install the OLB in the standard way, and you also have the external DVD drive for other purposes.
  3. Copy all files from the dvd to an external hard drive on a different computer with a DVD player. Then install the OLB from this external hard drive on your own laptop/ netbook . Start the OLB installation by going in the Explorer to starting setup.exe.
  4. Connect the netbook/laptop via a network connection to a PC which has a dvd player. Ensure that the DVD drive is shared and set it up as a permanent connection on the netbook/laptop.
  5. Install the entire program on a USB stick (min 4 Gb), so not just copy the data. Then you can run the program on any computer/laptop/netbook which has a USB port. The difference with option 2 is that the entire program runs from the USB. This will save disk space on your laptop/netbook.

When using a USB stick there are therefore two solutions:

  • Install the program on your computer's drive from a USB (solution 1 above)
  • Install the program on a USB drive, so that the Online Bible can be run from any computer with the USB drive (solution 5 above).