We are a foundation which aims to support the use of the Online Bible. For a few years we also collected funds to make more free content available for the Online Bible.

We are a non-profit organisation and have no income from the Online Bible. All the staff are unpaid volunteers. The volunteers are users of the Online Bible applications as well and pay for their own content, just as other users do.

Our motivation

Our motivation is to help others to be able to profit from the Online Bible applications. The (mostly free) features and additional free content are especially useful for  those unable to afford biblical content (often the situation in developing countries).

Free content

All donations we receive, either directly or through our crowdfunding campaigns, go towards making more free content available for the Online Bible and a small amount towards the costs of this website.

User Support

The user support we offer is free of charge. In order to offer you this support we work closely with Cross Link Services (the creators of the apps), but are completely independent. We offer support irrespective of whether you have paid or free content. We are not involved in the payment and/or ordering processes within the Online Bible applications.

We provide Cross Link Services with information about bugs and users-experiences in a general way so that they are able to fix problems.

We help you

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our Knowledge Base please create a support ticket (top right). We are happy to help.

We pray that your study of God's Word may be blessed and we hope it will be facilitated by using the Online Bible applications.

Jelle, Mark and Willem

If you feel in the position to be able to help others with the use of the Online Bible, and would consider joining our support team, please let us know. The time involved is completely up to you and the days / hours are also very flexible. 

Please raise a ticket (new ticket, top right) and we can explain what is involved and how you can choose how and when you wish to help.