If you have experience with the Online Bible on a Linux platform we would like to get in touch to improve this document.


Preliminary instruction

The Online Bible can also work on a Linux operating system, but few people use it. In the team of volunteers of this site there is nobody who uses Linux. So there is little knowledge available to be able to provide assistance when you ask for help with Linux. If you do know Linux, and/or have experience with the Online Bible on Linux, you are welcome if you would like to support our team in getting a better description.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the Online Bible working on Linux, below is a step-by-step plan that may work, with some error messages. We would be very grateful to receive corrections or additions.

This installation was done on a netbook without DVD reader, which still has Windows XP, because it is too small for a more modern operating system. Dualboot has been chosen. On the Canadian site of the Online Bible (OLB): www.onlinebible.net you can find that the OLB works with Linux Ubuntu. In the example below, Linux Mint was chosen because it is a simpler version, more suitable for working on an old limited Netbook.

(The same installation on a 12 year old desktop PC also worked.)

Steps 1 to 5 describe the process to get Linux working. From step 6 onwards it is more specific for the Online Bible.

  1. Download the latest version of Linux Mint (32/64 bits): Linux mint-18.1-cinnamon-32bit.iso. This is still a fine version today (Oct.2018). Especially suitable to install on older equipment.
  2. Download: rufus-2.12.exe, from the free Rufus website. With this you can turn the iso file into a bootable USB stick. (If you have a DVD player, you can also create a bootable DVD).
  3. Start Netbook with this usb stick and temporarily install Mint 18. This happens automatically next to Windows XP.  In Linux Mint 18 choose for a final installation next to Windows XP.
  4. When starting the Netbook, after installation, you will get a menu where you can choose whether you want to start Windows XP or Linux Mint. Start Linux Mint.
  5. First choose to update Linux Mint, that may take a while.
  6. Restart Wine now
  7. Install Wine now in Linux Mint , we had the latest version 1.6.2
  8. Put the USB stick with Online Bible in the Netbook (this because no DVD drive was connected - you can download the basic package or copy the DVD to a USB)
  9. When the contents of the USB stick appear, right click on the file: OnlineBijbel Basispakket.exe (or the Setup.exe file of the copied Online Bible DVD). Choose to open with Wine. (Open with /Wine Windows program loader)
  10. In Wine choose the Windows version 8 (bottom right). (Choosing another version may work as well.)
  11. Wine now indicates that two more files have to be added in 2 steps: (Mono and Gecko), allow this.
  12. The Online Bible now starts to install in the usual way and chooses the 3 standard locations: C:/program Files etc. Note: this is not the C disk of Windows but an artificially created C disk in Mint Linux structure. After installation the program stops without restarting.
  13. Start the Online Bible in Wine via the menu.  The Online Bible does not start but gives a few error messages (Menu/Wine/Online Bible).
  14. In Wine configuration add the Online Bible ( Configure Menu/Wine/Wine), Applications tab, at the bottom: Add application, in: select executable file: Program Files, Bible, Olb.exe, OK
  15. Restart the netbook completely.
  16. Start the Online Bible in Wine (Start/Wine/Online Bible). Now a few error messages will appear (amongst others Non Wine version running under Wine). Close the errors and the Online Bible should now start (if all went well).

PM: The above has first been done with the free basic version of the Online Bible. This because it is a small handy file. That went smoothly.

Later on, the 2016 OLB DVD about this installation was executed, in the same way as above. That failed with many error messages about olb.exe. It is not clear why that did not work. Because we got more similar error messages about this 2016 DVD, the installation was done with the 2015 DVD. This worked, but with several error messages and a restart. Now the Online Bible 2015 works well under Linux.

This article is written by someone who has no knowledge of Linux, but got the Online Bible working. You may now get it to work. But there will certainly be room for improvement. Again: we are grateful for all suggestions and improvements of the above.


January 2019 I made a new attempt, following a complaint from a user. Now on a Vista laptop HP Pavilion, and now with the latest Linux Mint 19.1 and with Rufus 3.4.

Installation of Linux ran reasonably well (hard disk reorganization failed, causing Vista to disappear).

Wine installation went well, but Wine didn't appear on the desktop and didn't start when you clicked on a .exe file, but it was there.

Installing Wintricks and then clicking on Browse files, gave the possibility to install the latest Online Bible download files. That went without any problems and the Online Bible worked after that. After that it turned out that only the free modules were/are being installed.

Then installing the additional extra downloads (e.g. languages or books) also failed. The installation did start and the installation was completed, but the new files do not appear in the online bible. They get stuck in the temporary installation file .temp.
This was also the complaint of the customer.
Also manually importing the modules from a Windows installation doesn't work for me, reconfiguring them didn't work.

Then I removed the download Online Bible and installed the 2018 DVD. That went fine. The license codes could also be entered perfectly.

Next I installed the French download files over it. That went fine too.

Preliminary conclusion: the downloadable Online Bible has problems with the modules to be released under Linux. The DVD does not have these problems.