When you have the Online Bible on your desktop it is possible to import some of the modules (specifically Bible translations and commentaries) from the desktop to tablet or smartphone. The import will only work when modules are unlocked. The easiest is to do this directly from the Online Bible program on your desktop computer (or laptop). 

Please note: this solution assumes you are on an Android version which allows you connect the device to Windows and copy files between Android and Windows. If that is not the case, please raise a ticket for support (top right of this screen).

Before being able to start, please see the prerequisites:

  1. Due to the restrictions of importing data on Apple equipment this solution does not work on iPad and iPhone devices. There is a separate description how to import on a Mac.
  2. To be able to export modules from the desktop you must have version 4.34 (or higher) of the Online Bible on the desktop. A higher version simplifies the process.
  3. You will need to purchase the option "Load modules from the PC version" (= Advanced Features). In some countries you have the option to be a Standard or Professional Premium User. In that case this additional module need not be purchased separately. Please note that it does have to be purchased if you are a Basic Premium User.
  4. This solution does not work for all books. It only works for complied modules (so you cannot copy your own Notes). It works for Bibles, Lexicons, and Dictionaries. It also works for most modules of type Book, but not e.g. for the Atlas and Library modules.

Basically you can complete the whole process from your Windows computer. 

1. Selecting the required modules

Connect your Android device to your Windows computer, and ensure the Online Bible app is not open on your Android device. 

Start the Online Bible on this computer, and select from the menu: Tools \ Prepare modules for mobile and Tablet Device.


You now get a pop-up screen to select the required modules.

Ignore what you see in the Configuration tab for the time being.

  1. Go to the destination folder (at the bottom), click on the small arrow to get the drop-down list, and select the tablet. If you cannot see the tablet, you either have an old version of Android (contact us) or have not connected it properly. 
  2. Go to the Bibles tab, and select the titles you want (or deselect if those you do not need are automatically selected). Go through the subsequent tabs and select the relevant modules.
  3. Go back to the Configuration tab, and now check if the titles you want are there.
  4. When you have selected everything click on "Prepare".

When all items have been created you will return to the normal screen. Then disconnect the Android device. 

Please note you can always repeat this procedure, installing new titles, so you do not have to export everything in one go. But you must finish steps 1 to 4 for a set before starting again for more titles.

2. Checking the import

Check that you have the option "Load modules from PC version" active. To do this, start the Online Bible app, go to Info & Settings, and then go to the Store. Choose the menu button again, and then you will see "Load modules from the PC version'. 

You should now see the locations on the Android device with the titles you copied. If this is not correct, raise a ticket (top right of this screen) and we will try to help. Each title should be stored as a directory in the location:  root/Android/data/nl.cross_link.droid.olb/Files/OnlineBible/  - you should be able to check this in Windows File Explorer as well.

Go back to the normal screen and check that you can select the Bibles you imported.

If you have any questions, or run into problems, please raise a support ticket, and we will try to help.