This article is only applicable for Windows

The installation and update process for the European Windows version of the Online Bible has changed. You can now select which book titles you wish to install. There are now two programs to install: a base pack of the Online Bible and the Online Bible Windows Content Installer. 

Base Package

To download the base package from the European site, go to: Top right you should see the "Download for free" button. Click on this and the program will download. Once it is downloaded you can run it to install the program. If you cannot download the file, the most likely cause is that a virus scanner is blocking it.

If the main package is to update the Online Bible to a new version, you need not uninstall the previous version. 

If you have any problems installing the Online Bible, top right of this screen you will see a link to "New support ticket" (do not try to log in). Click on the link for the support ticket, fill in the appropriate fields and we will try to help.

Content installer - one-time installation

After installing the Base Package you can also download the Online Bible Windows Content Installer. The Base Package must be installed before installing the Online Bible Content Installer.

With the Online Bible Content Installer you can see any title you are entitled to, and can choose which you want to install. So you can also download a title you have for instance purchased in the Android or iOS apps. 

To be able to use the Online Bible Content Installer, you must first install it on your computer. You can download it here: You have to log in with your account after it is installed. If you do not know an account, you can create one. Please note that when you download the file you might get warnings about the file from among others Windows Defender.

Follow the steps for a normal installation.

Once this program has been installed, you do not need this link again, as updates are shown in the installer. 

Please see the following article for a description how to use the Content Installer: Using the Online Bible Installer.