This article only applies to the desktop version of the Online Bible, running under Windows.

In some countries the Online Bible is now available as download. In the past the dvds that were distributed might have contained more material. The situation is different per language. 

Also in some countries separate dvds have been distributed or additional modules could be purchased. 

This article describes how this older content can be added to a (fairly) new installation of the Online Bible. It is essential that you have unlock codes for any additional material which was locked. 

Basically there are three steps:

  1. Determine where material has to be stored
  2. Copy the relevant files to the correct Windows directories
  3. Ensure the additional titles are recognised in the Online Bible

If the additional material was locked then unlocking and including in favourites still has to be done. 

The three steps are described here in more detail:
  1. Determine where the material has to be stored

    Launch the Online Bible and in the menu go to Tools, Diagnostics, Windows Resources:

    This will bring you to a new screen.

    Note the location of the Shared data, as this is where the material has to be stored.

  2. Copy the relevant files to the correct Windows directories

    Put the dvd in the computer and find the files you wish to copy. If you no longer have a dvd drive, copy the files to a flash drive (usb drive) on a different computer.
    The structure on the dvd will vary a bit depending on where it came from. The picture below is common for the European dvds, where all folders in Bible are English with additional letters for other languages: dut(ch), fre(nch), ger(man) etc. Within these directories there are sub-directories per title. Within such a sub-directory there are multiple files. It is essential to copy the entire sub-directory (such as AKJV).

    The sub-directories have to be copied to the Shared Data location, found in step 1.
    The material is now on the hard drive, but not yet recognised by the Online Bible.
    It is now essential to remove the dvd (or flash drive) from the computer before continuing with the next step.
  3. Ensure the additional titles are recognised in the Online Bible

    Launch the Online Bible. Then go to the option Reset Program.

    This will shut down the program. Launch the Online Bible again, and some screens similar to the installation will be shown. The program also checks which files are available and includes those in the Online Bible.
    Follow the instructions on the screen. Once the program launches the copied titles should be available.
    If any material is still locked it must be unlocked in the normal way, and if necessary added to the favourites.